woensdag 23 november 2016

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Thank you for purchasing my poser tubes
**Always use credits in your work
**On your website/blog always use our url ( see above)

You May NOT......
-Use my work for any commercial/financial gain when the preview shows PU-only.
-Distribute my kit in part or in whole. You may share the preview,
-Don't share or resell my poser tubes, just give them our website
-Fill your kit with a complete kit of mine. 5 items at the most.
-Claim my work as your own or rename files.
-Use my work to create any obscene/immoral or defamotry act that is illegal and prohibited by law.

If you HONESTLY feel that you cannot abide by the terms I have set, please do not use my work.? 

I feel my terms are simple and pretty standard and easy to follow.
THANK YOU for downloading my designs, I hope you enjoy it.